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Eco Facts

Tweed Eco Cruises (TEC) is accredited for Eco Tourism with the NSW Government.
TEC assisted writing the Code of practice for land based charter fishing activities in the Tweed River.
This applies for NSW bait collection in regards to the ghost nipper (yabby pumping).
This was passed as legislation for the federal government.

As an industry leader for Eco Tourism see out eco friendly practices below.

We minimise road pollution by:

  • using local suppliers
  • carpooling with crew transfers/deliveries
  • bus pick-ups for guests
  • boat charters to other local destinations for up to 97

We minimise waterway impact by:

  • producing minimal force in our wake
  • installing alloy propellers, so they will break first rather than damaging the environment.
  • having stronger reverse thrusts in our propellers, i.e. less effort required when moving off sandbanks
  • staying away from all high erosion areas within the river
  • keeping engines remain off when ashore and tied to moorings for fishing activities
  • changing motors regularly for fuel efficiency
  • practicing catch and release methods on all activity based tours
  • having a maximum of 10 yabbies taken from capture site
  • also storing grey water from our sinks in our sewage holding tanks to minimise pollution in the river. By law boats are only required to hold sewage.
  • teaming up with Gold Coast Free Divers to clean up the river bed and waterways.

We also:

  • monitor our carbon emissions
  • source bird food from local seafood/meet suppliers to assist in minimising their waste
  • use eco-friendly detergents
  • do not use straws
  • minimise glad wrap use
  • minimise office printing
  • encourage customers to bring keep cups