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Tweed Eco Cruises

Eco Facts

Eco-accreditation and practices

Tweed Eco Cruises (TEC) is accredited for Eco Tourism with the Eco Tourism Australia and the NSW Government.

  • TEC assisted writing the Code of Practice for land based charter fishing activities in the Tweed River, which applies for bait collection of the ghost nipper (yabby), and this was passed as legislation by the Federal Government.

In addition to our existing collaborations, TEC is proud to share our local partnership with Tweed Free Divers, through this partnership we facilitate a river clean-up initiative using our VIP vessel, furthering our commitment to preserving the condition of our waterways. 

To ensure our crew members are well equip with the knowledge and skills necessary for sustainable practices, we actively participate in EarthCheck courses. EarthCheck is a leading global certification program for sustainable tourism, and our crew members undergo training to obtain EarthCheck accreditation, as a testament to our dedication to sustainable operations and responsible tourism. This reaches all levels of management - even our owner has completed EarthCheck's Sustainability Management course!

TEC firmly believe that through these partnerships and certifications, we can make a meaningful impact in protecting and conserving our natural environment. 

As an industry leader for Eco Tourism, we place high value on our eco friendly practices below.

We minimise road pollution by:
  • using local suppliers
  • carpooling with crew transfers/deliveries
  • boat charters to other local destinations for up to 97 passengers

We minimise waterway impact by:
  • producing minimal force in our wake
  • installing alloy propellers, which will break first rather than damaging the environment
  • having stronger reverse thrusts in our propellers, so less effort required when moving off sandbanks
  • staying away from all high erosion areas within the river
  • keeping engines off when ashore and tied to moorings for fishing activities
  • changing motors regularly for fuel efficiency
  • practicing catch and release methods on all activity based tours
  • having a maximum of 10 yabbies taken from each capture site
  • storing grey water from our sinks in our sewage holding tanks to minimise pollution in the river (by law boats are only required to hold sewage)
  • teaming up with Gold Coast Free Divers to clean up the river bed and waterways

We also:
  • monitor our carbon emissions
  • use eco-friendly detergents
  • avoid single-use plastics
  • minimise printing
  • encourage customers to bring keep cups
  • work with sustainable food and produce
  • respect the 6-season Indigenous calendar, encouraging more sustainable seafood populations in our rivers
  • collaborate with Sea Bird Rescue, Dolphin Research, and Bush Regeneration Services for training, monitoring, and protection of the flora and fauna of our waterways
  • invest in forward thinking solutions, such as waste production, recycling, repurposing
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